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Comment Posted by Terd Ferguson Jun 22, 2010 11:14 AM

Post your contact info and any other info that might be relevant (age, experience, QB, snapper etc).

Comment Posted by speeder Mar 04, 2011 08:52 AM

hello my name is fraser,i am 25 years old and looking too play some competitive football this season,i am 6.3 tall,192 pounds, and a fast runner,once i got the ball im gone! also got good hands, i have played alot of flag and touch football over the years but am looking too play in a more organized group,let me know if any one is interested, hope too hear back soon

Comment Posted by carllindeman May 05, 2011 03:28 PM

Hi there, been awhile since I played but I basically played minor ball AAA ball bantam Midget and also senior High School Football. My main position back then was free safety/kick off return. However I still know how to play the position it might take a bit of conditioning. I'm 5'10" 200lbs <more linebacker size than safety> lol but in my last year of ball I intercepted 12 times for 12 touchdowns hooray. So If there is a team in my area and I guess it would be red deer, I'd be interested in trying out / Joining if there are positions available. 403-789-5975.


Comment Posted by msnell Jul 11, 2011 08:51 AM

My neighbor who is currently in this league directed me to check in with this forum to see if there are any teams looking for new recruits. I am 28 years old and interested in trying out or joining into an existing team who is looking for more players. I quite enjoy the sport & I feel I can offer quickness and speed to a team. My contact number is 403.352.9280 or email

Thanks Mike.

Comment Posted by easy Sep 08, 2011 07:33 AM

Hey guys! my name is emmanuel lumbala. I know you guys have only about a couple games left in the season. but I love the game and I want to play really bad. Im 18 years old. I played ball at Notre Dame HS for 2 years at WR. I dont have the greatest resume, but im a good athlete and like i said, i love the game to death. Give me a shout if you need an extra player. 403 392 0196

Comment Posted by Nate Apr 24, 2012 05:41 PM

Hey, my name is Nathan and I'm 14 years old. I've been on almost every one of my school sports teams, and I'm the most athletic in my grade. I've played football at school for fun, but have never been in a real league. I started playing in grade four and have become the best quarterback at my school. I can throw long, fast and accurate. I want to join a team to be quarterback (if possible). I've wanted to play football for so long, but couldn't find a team to join. If you could text me, or give my a shout, I would love to come out and play for you. My mobile is (403) 304-4496 or you can call my house at (403) 347-4952. Or email me at ( Thanx so much.

Comment Posted by Stannix Aug 16, 2013 01:39 AM

Hey, my name is Andrew Stannix. I am 25 years old and have played football with the red deer/central Alberta buccaneers for the past 8 years, I played WR during my high school years and the beginning of my bucs career but I have been moved to QB for a few years now. I know it's late in the season but the bucs season just ended and I'm looking to get some more football in before the winter, you can text or call my cell at 403-352-2515.

Comment Posted by Viking1066 Aug 17, 2013 04:19 PM

Good day, My name is Asher Keim and I'm looking to get on/ fill in on a team this season. I played ball many years back(QB, OLB, Slot, Safety, Line)... but still remember how its done. I'm 6'1", 265, can catch, throw and run like a meat truck. I plan on getting my company to sponsor a team for next season as well, so getting some time in this year would help. Please text/call at 403-506-2969.

Comment Posted by shawn Feb 18, 2014 11:45 AM

Hey, my name is Shawn Gerrie. I am 24 years old and I'm looking to get on a team for the upcoming season. I played football for seven seasons (QB, DB and WR) in Sherwood Park until I quite after HS. I also played a few seasons of flag football in Edmonton. I'm 5'10", 175, and I can catch, throw and run. Please call or text at 587-679-5581.

Comment Posted by CalderK Apr 14, 2014 12:49 PM


My name is Calder Knowles. I recently moved back to the Red Deer area and was hoping a team would be interested in picking me up for this years league. I played in this league a few years ago for Bo's and then a Sylvan team we put in for a year. I played football all through high school in Sylvan Lake. Been playing hockey all winter so I am in somewhat reasonable shape. Played DB/WR. 5' 10" 160lbs.

My contact info is:

Phone: 403-598-4836


Calder Knowles

Comment Posted by Rhett Jul 09, 2014 08:16 PM

Hey, my name is Rhett Dyck. I am 18 years old. I am hoping there is a spot open to play on a team. I played football with sylvan for 5 years. Im more of a LB. But if need be I can truck pretty well. Im 6'2" and about 220 (also why I want to start is to help get back in shape). If theres any room on a team let me know.
Phone: 403-596-1420

Rhett Dyck

Comment Posted by Hayden Jul 26, 2014 02:34 PM

Hi, I would like to play some football. I have played QB for 4 years but i do play DB and WR. please call or txt me if there are any open spots thanks. 403-348-6416

Comment Posted by jgross665 Oct 18, 2014 08:26 AM

Hi my name is Jon Grossberndt, I am a 23 year old male, 6'3 275lbs played Defensive line, and middle linebacker. Have good hands and pretty quick to the ball. Played 16 years of football on various community teams in Calgary, I also completed 5 years with the calgary Colts. Looking to play some ball when not at work.

E-mail if interested.

Comment Posted by Stefaninzer Feb 11, 2015 06:25 AM

I'm looking to join a team. I have played reg football for 4 years and have been in the Clagary flag league for the past 3 years. I play mostly Linebacker/ D linemen but have played on the Offensive side aswell. I work a week on week off shift and am looking for a tem that needs a filler/ floater kind of player. the bes way to get in contact with me is at my email

Comment Posted by Jay Apr 13, 2015 04:20 PM

21 year old. Played QB And TE ... at 6'1 235. Down to play anytime. Anybody interested in a pick up game at the Dawe? Can get a hold of me at 4033044850

Comment Posted by Rob May 28, 2015 08:27 AM

22 year old male. Played Defensive End and Left Tackle in high school. 6'0" 210lbs.

(587) 876 5092

Comment Posted by broncos50 Feb 25, 2016 12:33 AM

New to Red Deer and was extremely excited to see there was a league like this!
I've noticed no one has posted in awhile, when do seasons usually start?
How does one get on to a team? I would love to be considered for any team
If any one is interested please contact me at
Thanks so much

Comment Posted by Viking1066 May 24, 2016 01:07 PM

I'm still kicking around if anyone needs a spare. Tried playing for the AFL Airdrie Irish as an O-Lineman last year and realized I'm to old and broken to play at that level. Warning, I'm slow, out of shape, but I can catch, snap, and am a body when needed, or a spare so guys can get a break.


Comment Posted by darcyd Jun 05, 2016 10:29 PM

Driving by the Hunting field today seen a bunch of guys playing football, so dropped my son Kolton off and he joined in with the mens team (unknowing it was an "organized" event) against his teammates from Hunting. He had a blast. I would love to join any team that may need another, or an extra guy. I was unaware that there was an organized touch football league, but always said I wish there was and that there is a calling for adults who don't want to grow up and old too fast. I am 46, but the biggest kid in my neighborhood. Always out playing street hockey with the kids or throwing the football around with Kolton till dark running plays. Just took up snow boarding two years ago.....tough learning curve, but love it now! If there is a spot for me, let me know, I am 6'1", 230lbs. Pretty athletic and competitive, but a good sport. This level of team sport is exactly what I have been looking for. Thanks Darcy

Comment Posted by stevemoser May 25, 2018 10:59 AM

Any players looking to find a team for the 2018 season, please post here as we have at least one team still looking for players


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